x•s•v•toys (ex-es-iv-toyz or excessive toys): Exceeding a normal, usual, reasonable, or proper limit for the purchase of consumer electronics.


The xsvtoys Home Theater - INTRODUCTION

There are many variations on the so-called "Home Theater". These can be very elaborate rooms that virtually replicate a real movie theater or they could be a simple TV connected to a few components and some speakers. There really is no right or wrong way to make a home theater. Whatever works for you for your enjoyment and stays within your budget is the system that is perfect for you! Here you will see the xsvtoys home theater described. It is not too fancy, and consists of a fairly typical set of components, some old, and some new.

Home Theater

Equipment List

Panasonic Plasma TV Yamaha AV Receiver Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-Ray
Television - Panasonic Viera TC0P60ST50 (2013) 60" Plasma 1080p A/V Receiver - YamahaRX-V671 (2013) 7.1 Dolby Digital / DTS 125 Watts/Channel Gaming/DVD/Blu-ray Player - Microsoft Xbox One (2013)
Scientific Atlantic 8300HD Nintendo Wii Klipsch R-3800-W Speaker
Set Top Box - Verizon FiosArris VMS1100 DVR (2014) Gaming - Nintendo Will (2006) Speakers - Klipsch R-3800-W (2006) In-wall speaker, 3 total: Front left, right, and center
Klispch KHC-6 Speaker Klipsch SW8 Subwoofer HTPC
Speakers- Klipsch KHC-6 (2006) In-ceiling speaker, 2 total: Rear left and right Speaker - Klipsch SW8 (1994) Powered Subwoofer HTPC (2014) • Asrock H97M Pro4 Motherboard • Intel Pentium G3258 CPU • 4 GB Kingston DDR3 1600 Ram • Western Digital Green 3TB Hard Drive • Gigabyte GTX750Ti Video Card • Logitech DiNovo Keyboard • :ian Li PC-C37B Case


Home Theater Wiring Diagram (click it to see the big 2000 pixel wide version in a new window)

Home Theater Wiring Diagram


There are a number of ways that a system like this can be wired, so this home theater wiring diagram is definitely not the only way. It is just how I chose to do it. Here are some notes about this system, which is probably fairly typical for a living room-type setup.

NEW! By Popular Demand! Visio Audio Video Jacks and Plugs Stencil

I am offering my Visio Audio-Video Jacks and Plugs stencil file (used to create the above wiring diagram) for your use, totally free and with very minor restrictions. If you find it is helpful for a project that you publish, please give credit back to here as outlined in the Creative Commons license. Otherwise, enjoy, and if you have any suggestions for improving this stencil please send them on to me. If you are handy with Visio, you should be able to use these stencils to create a very nice-looking wiring diagram for your home theater or other audio visual setups; certainly much better than the examples that are found floating on the internet.

The jacks and plugs were created using Adobe Flash software then imported into Microsoft Visio and converted to a stencil.

Just click the image below and you should be able to download the Visio 2013 stencil (VSSX file). If you have an older version of Visio, try this version: jacks-plugs.vss

AV Visio Stencil
Creative Commons License
Audio-Video Jacks and Plugs stencil file by xsvtoys is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.