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Bally Bon Voyage Pinball Machine

Bon Voyage
Bon Voyage

Bally Bon Voyage EM Pinball Machine Model Number 1016

Serial Number 2006

Made in 1974

Internet Pinball Database (www.ipdb.org) No. 343

xsvtoys Pinball Machine No. 1

Bon Voyage is an older EM pinball machine, made before computer technology came to the pinball market. It doesn't have all of the exciting action and features of the modern machines, but it is one of the later EM machines so it does have some interesting game play. The usual assortment of elements are here, such as pop bumpers, rollover buttons and wires, targets to hit, etc. Some of the unique features are:

Bon Voyage is what is known as an "Add-A-Ball" game. As noted above, when the Special is achieved, or when the high score is achieved, the machine can be set to give the player an extra ball rather than a credit for a free game. This is an especially nice feature for a home machine, since it is most likely set for free play thus rendering the idea of a free game a bit unnecessary. It is a better reward to get an additional ball during a game which can be used to get to a higher score.