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Bally Bon Voyage Pinball Machine

Bally Bon Voyage Pinball Machine DOCUMENTS

Standard Documents

The standard documents for Bon Voyage can be downloaded at the IPDB page here. This includes

These Bally documents which apply to all of their machines are also useful and are available to purchase at various places.

Supplemental Documents about the Bon Voyage

This is various documentation for the Bon Voyage from xsvtoys. Some are modified versions of the above. These might provide useful reference material specifically for this pinball machine.

Game Instructions Document

Installation and General Game Operating Instructions (Revised). The original document seems to have a number of errors, and some incomplete or missing information. This document contains updates and corrections based on observations of the machine.

Playfield Chart Document

Playfield Chart (Revised). The original playfield chart redrawn as vector art for better resolution.

Rules Sheet

Bon Voyage Rules Sheet. Custom-made Rules Sheet for the Bon Voyage.

Score Cards

Bon Voyage Score Cards. Score cards (also called Instruction Cards) with various settings for balls and high score. Print and laminate for the left slot in the lower apron.

Free Play Card

Bon Voyage Free Play Card. Custom Free Play card, featuring "Bambi". Print and laminate for the right slot in the lower apron.

Playfield Chart Document - Rubbers

Playfield Chart-Rubbers. This version shows just the rubbers, color-coded with details to make ordering new ones easier.

Playfield Chart Document - Plastics

Playfield Chart-Plastics. This version shows just the plastics, or light shields.

Playfield Chart Document - Posts and Screws

Playfield Chart-Posts and Screws. Playfield chart showing details of the playfield posts and the screws as well.


Chart-Lamps. Lists all of the lamps, along with details about full replacement of all lamps with LEDs.


Chart-Coils. Lists all of the coils, including relays and solenoids. This document cleans up some errors in the coil listing in the schematic, and adds missing information. The switch numbers in the last column may need future corrections.


Insert Letters Decal Template. In case you need to re-do the inserts for a restoriation. Thank you to DF from Pinside.